Supported by the Faculty of Culture and Creative Industries at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK, the Journal of International Photography is a practice-based periodical with an international focus.

The publication aims to bridge the divide between the practicing creative artist and the critical/theoretical writer on creative outputs, through collaborative, illustrated articles that provoke discussion about the nature of photography and photographic practice.

Each volume will employ a range of critical processes as a means to (re)examine and (re)configure the discipline of photography and its cognate communities, to uncover and reveal marginal places and practices via the mutually supportive amalgam of image and text. By acknowledging and addressing the contestations occupying the field, the Journal of International Photography seeks to extricate itself from the physical and psychic boundaries hindered by both genre and discipline, to disclose new territories to inhabit, explore and interpret. 

Daniel Tierney

Editorial support:
Dr. Andrew Broadey
Dr. Sofia Strid
Flora Whitehead

Editorial Board:
Dr. Sian Bonnell
Prof. Erik Knudsen
Daniel Tierney