Journal of International Photography – Vol. 01

Collected volume of collaborative articles on photographic practice.

ISBN: 978-1-909755-23-9

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THE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY is a beautifully assembled volume that brings together a number of powerful intimate voices that collectively introduce new perspectives on photography and the human condition. The publication aims to bridge what has so far been an intractable divide between the practicing creative artist and the critical/theoretical writer on creative outputs.

This first volume reveals new insights into key social and environmental issues and raises important questions about the role of photography from the political to the performative and the visual cultural hierarchies they inhabit.

While the images play a central role in evoking and provoking a response articulated in words, the interacting forms and traditions combine to create a new form of intimacy: a reflexive intimacy. Through which we witness an enlightened engagement with meta themes and tangible issues, and the interplay between the written critical reflection and the photographic is an essential part of bringing to the fore these themes and issues.


Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Marysa Dowling, Thomas Dukes, Laura El-Tantawy, Dr. Steven Gartside, Prof. Lubaina Himid, Prof. Erik Knudsen, Joseph Millican, Caroline Molloy, Dr. Yan Wang Preston, Nuno Faleiro Rodrigues, Daniel Tierney, Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Ben Wood

visuality, performativity, gender, environment, socially-engaged practice, space and the city, objecthood, exhibition, cross-disciplinary practice, photographic witness.